'Einabus, Burin (Yitzhar), Haris, Jama'in, Kifl Harith, Qira, Za'tara (Tapuah), Zeta, Wed 29.8.12, Morning

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Petahya A., Suzy A., Dvorka o. (reporting)

Translator: anna K.



10:00 – Hares, Kif'l Haret' and Kira. At this hour the roads are empty. Only a few shops are open. There is no sign of army presence.

10:20 – we drove to Zeita – to our meeting with the local women.

13:00  - Jama'in and Inabus -  the businesses are open, the road is being enlarged and new lightening is prepared for all its length.

At Huwwara village many businesses are open, the road is busy and men are sitting in the cafes.
At Huwwara CP the traffic flows in both directions, there are not soldiers at the passageways. In the direction of Nablus the road is being repaired. Near the hitchhikers station, at the way up to the Beraha settlement, a soldier stands and guards women settlers who probably are waiting for transportation. This, ins addition to the soldiers who man the two watch towers.

14:00 – At Burin we have fixed an appointment with a woman whose son had been arrested a few months ago. The son is still in detention, prior to the trial, and she is worried that he doesn't eat enough. She told us that the day before, at 02:30 in the morning again 40 soldiers entered the village and detained another boy from the last high-school class, of which a few pupils have already been detained in the last month for allegedly having thrown stones. All this happened as a result of the denouncement of one boy.

14:50 At Za'tara there are no soldiers.
About 10 kms after we passed the Samaria Gate we were suddenly stopped in a traffic jam as a result of a flying CP which was set up by soldiers not far from us. 3 soldiers arrived running, stopped a private car with an Israeli number plate in which there was a couple of Palestinians, probably Israeli citizens, who, judging by their attire looked Bedouin. There were other passengers in the car, we couldn't make out whether they were children or adults. The passengers looked scared and so did the soldiers, who, so it seemed received at this very moment the order to stop them. One of the soldiers took the car keys from the driver and began checking the papers. After about 10 minutes the road was opened, but the "suspect" car was ordered by the soldiers to stand at the side of the road. We are not sure what the reason for the stopping of the car was and especially why soldiers and not the blue police were summoned.