'Azzun 'Atma, Huwwara, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 23.8.12, Afternoon

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Sara (guest) Yehudit Levin (reporter and photographer)

Translator: Hanna K


Thursday, it is hot, the week during which the Ramadan and the Eid-el-Fiter celebrations ended.


15:00 Irtah CP – The workmen return from work, they arrive in centralized transportations, they are not checked at the entrance.

15:38 road 60 – looking westwards, before the Jit intersection, one can see how the building northwards advances incessantly at the Kedumim settlement.

15:53 Huwwara CP – there is a soldier in the watch-tower opposite the hitch-hikers station at the exit from the Beraha settlement. There is a  soldier at the hitch-hikers station at the entrance to the Beraha settlement. New flags are hoisted at the CP.

16:03 at the Awarta village at the entrance near the apartheid road which leads to Itamar, not far from the Huwwara DCO, on the wall of a private house the inscription The price tag was written and later camouflaged in a kind of scrabble deletion.

We were told that yesterday around 19.00 a flying CP was put up at the intersection between Bizzariya and Silat ad Dhahr (near the evacuated Humash settlement). Soldiers arrived in a hummer and checked a Palestinian vehicle.

16:22 Za'tara CP – A soldiers stands in the warch tower at the parking lot, and two soldiers are below. They do not check.


16:57 Azzun Atma CP – a military command-car and jeep stand in front of the CP. Girl soldiers guard the queue of the entering people. Workmen return from their day's work (Thursday in Palestine is like Friday in Israel).


There are a few detaineesinfo-icon on the side, among which two women and small children. They are all being punished because they don't have entrance permits. The soldier who tries more than anything to see what photos I took – says that they will remain punished so as to teach them a lesson.


We try to contact the center on their behalf but to no avail because they have a technical problem with their phones there. But we nevertheless got a promise that they would try to take care of the matter, i.e. to see to it that the detainees be allowed to enter soon, with the help of the DCO.

Another problem was raised by the workmen at the Azzun Atma CP - they were forced to leave the bus driving to Ariel because they are Palestinians, and had to walk many kilometers,


They rightly claim that the price of the journey by public transport is much cheaper than by private transporation which

collect enormous sums from them for the trip to work and back.

This does not interest anybody and they have nobody to turn to in order to correct this wrong.