Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Tue 2.10.12, Morning

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Hagit B (reporting)

Translating – Naomi G.

9:00 12:00

Meitar Crossing

Signs inviting one to come to Susiya are hanging on every wall. The event: an open day dedicated to accepting new settlers – Sukkot’s Holiday is a suitable time for hikers. The Palestinian parking lot is full of cars. The workers had already passed hours ago.

Road No. 60

The bulldozer next to Yehuda Brigade is idling.

At the Bani Naim junction they are keeping the “Grass Widow” procedure on the house in the junction. Soldiers are on the roof while two women are home alone. They show us the form certifying the occupation of the house till the 3rd of October. An Israeli flag is displayed on the top of the house and I don’t understand why they can’t position themselves on the hill next to the house. Why do they have to disrupt people’s lives? Whenever there is a Jewish Holiday – there is an ordeal for the Palestinians. One of the women tells us that the soldiers are behaving.


Today is an irregular Jewish Day. The only way to enter Hebron is by bus, private cars must be parked in Qiryat Arba. Judging by the number of the parking lots being prepared and by the multitude of policemen – they are expecting masses of visitors. We turn around and go back without entering Hebron.

Road 317, 356

We are once again invited to Susya. The memorial plaques on top of Ziv observatory were destroyed. At the grocery store at Yata, at the Zif Junction, we are told everything is fine. At Khirbet Tuwani they are adding a second floor to the school building, they relate to us the settlers’ harassments.