South Hebron Hills, Tue 30.10.12, Morning

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Netanyah G., Yehudit K. and M. behind the wheel


South Hebron Mount

No news on the southern front.

At the southern entryway (opposite the Kevashim [sheep] junction) two soldiers examine vehicles driving into Palestinian Hebron (H1), especially young drivers.

When Yehudit appears next to them, the line starts to move and the check-ups stop. Is this what an older woman with no makeup on is capable of early in the day, or is it put chance?

On our way back, in one of the eastern exits from Yata, on Route 317, vehicles going out are again checked, but this is done efficiently and quickly, so there's no reason to frighten Zahal''s golden boys…

All the rest is as usual, including the new fence in Salmiyeh neighborhood which obstructs the residents' ability to move around.