Bethlehem (300), Etzion DCL, Thu 8.11.12, Afternoon

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Shlomit S., Ora E.


Translator:  Charles K.


14:15 – A man complained to us that although he has a document from the police confirming he is no longer blacklisted, he was told at the DCO that he’s still blacklisted in the computer.  We referred him to Chaya.


An older man who’s been blacklisted by the Shabak for the past two years told us that he paid an attorney NIS 8,000 who was unsuccessful in cancelling it.  We referred him to Sylvia.


Two young men exited, one after the other.  The first received a permit to visit his father who’s hospitalized in Israel.  The second, whose wife is in Jerusalem, received a family reunification permit valid for one year.


We were told eight people were waiting inside for magnetic cards.


15:30  Three older men who’d gotten what they requested came out.  They said they arrived at the DCO at 13:30 – in other words, they’d waited two hours.


A man about 40 years old bitterly complained that he’d been refused an entry permit to Jerusalem to take care of a relative with cancer.  The relative has no first-degree relatives in Israel.  We spoke with Dalya Bessa’s office; they told us he does have a permit and should go back to the DCO to obtain it.  He returned, but didn’t get it.  They told him to obtain a new permit from the hospital.  Why?  They didn’t bother to explain.  Arbitrariness?  Malice?


A young woman who teaches computers in the university applied for a new magnetic card.  She’d lost hers.  The soldier yelled at her in Arabic to look for it again.  We spoke to the humanitarian office; apparently as a result of our intervention she was allowed to re-enter.  This time she was told to report the loss to the court.