Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir, Mon 19.11.12, Afternoon

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Revital SL., Rachel H.


11:45 Bezeq CP

We went through.


Alon Road

There are many soldiers in the area for maneuvers. Near them, on the side of the road beneath the settlement of Maskiyot, and also on the side of the road that leads up to Tyasir, we see piles of plastic bags. From far it is possible to see that in every bag there is also a bottle of Cola (1.5 liters). We did not try to find out who brought them, perhaps as a gift for the Sabbath. The embankment leading south from the settlement of Ro'i to the Hamra CP has been raised, and it seems that it was repaired and prepared for the winter.

12?00 Hamra CP -- the place is burning hot!!!!

Soldiers come up to us: "Can we help? Just don't go too far ahead". Minibuses and private cars with workers, go through to the west. Pedestrians leave with belts in hand, arrange their clothing after the inspection and do this while walking.

One of our acquaintances -- his house in nearby and he often invites us for coffee --asks about Daphna and continues on his way.

A car with a yellow (Israeli) licence plate goes west, stops near the soldiers. The woman driver opens the baggage. The soldiers approach her, speak to her, and point to us. Afterwards they return to the shed with their hands full. Perhaps they too received  gifts for the Sabbath? The driver returns, gives us a long look and goes on her way.

12:35 A group of 50 young people, most of them boys, arrived from the east. They told us that they are returning from work in the settlement of Argaman and one of them made a move to show that they had been hoeing. We did not succeed in finding out why they were walking.

12:40 We left.



12:55 Tyasir CP

We heard shots from the direction of the soldiers in the area. The CP soldiers signaled to us that we should not go up to the post. We did not argue. 

Traffic is very thin. Here, too, vehicles with workers are going through to the west. Military vehicles enter/ leave the camp that is near the CP.

13:20 We left.


Tebets Junction

We saw setllers arriving from the direction of the settlement of Maskiyot, going down the channel that is east of the road. We waited, and  concluded that they were going down for a  dip in the spring. The cows and their owners stayed farther away and did not seem to be bothered by the settlers.


13:45 Bezeq CP

We went through..