Reihan, Shaked, Wed 28.11.12, Afternoon

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Hanah and Yocheved

Translation: Yael B.


16:00-- Shaked checkpoint

People go in and out, as usual. A man stops by, asking for help in reaching an eye doctor in Jerusalem, as he's losing his eyesight. We give him telephone numbers of organizations which might be able to offer him assistance.


16:30 Reihan checkpoint

Again a line is formed because those getting inside are required to wait until the window assisting those getting out would be free. There is a line of about 60 people and suddenly the door is slammed closed and no one knows why, and the turnstile is idle as well. In a few minutes the door is re-opened and once again there is pressure and crowding at the dammed turnstile. Why does returning home after a long day's work hang on the whim of the person who opens and closes the door?

All of a sudden three windows were open. A "traffic usher", one of the security officers, directs those returning from Israel and from the Seam Line zone to the windows and the crowding subsides. As is turns out, there is more than one way of handling matters.

We left