Hebron, Tarqumiya, Thu 29.11.12, Afternoon

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Raya, Hagit S. (reporting)


Translator:  Charles K.


We tried again to go through the Tarqumiya crossing.  There were no problems going in, of course.  We’ll see what it’s like coming out.



Afternoon; many children coming home from school in Kiryat Arba and Hebron.

Many tourist buses at the Cave of the Patriarchs and next to ‘Abed’s shop.

The Nahal soldiers – the Shaham unit – behave like Nahal soldiers usually do, and we praised them for doing so.

A lone soldier at Tel Rumeida – he says it’s quiet, no problems.  His company commander stopped his vehicle, which was full of soldiers; we had a pleasant conversation, each of us praising the other.


No one here – neither the soldiers nor the locals – expect any particular results from tomorrow’s UN vote and aren’t preparing for any special reactions here.  In short – everything seems calm.



Again we’re stopped at the Tarqumiyya crossing when we return, asked for IDs and told to park on the side for vehicle inspection.

They also call Zion, the manager, who comes to talk to us.  He claims that Machsom Watch provided the DCO with very inaccurate reports as regards the number of laborers crossing here every day; he wants to know what was the basis for the report.  Everything’s counted on the computer, which has much larger numbers.

We got the impression that he was very dissatisfied; we couldn’t tell him who provided that report, nor when.

Does anyone know anything about it?