Reihan, Shaked, Sun 6.1.13, Morning

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Ruthi T, Hasida S.

Translation: Bracha B.A.


Shaked-Tura Checkpoint, 07:10

There is a little bit of light penetrating from behind dark clouds. School children are singing behind the container at the checkpoint and are begging Ruthi to take their pictures with her smart phone. We didn't know why they did not go through the open checkpoint. Later the car with the kindergarten children arrived and they drove through the checkpoint together. The soldiers peeked inside and let them pass through to their school in the village  

Workers are coming out in the direction of the seamline zone with sopping wet clothes. They are angry that they were not allowed to enter the inspection room through the turnstile or to stand near it because the shed is six meters high (20 feet) and open to the wind and rain. We did not see the kindergarten children. They had probably arrived before we came. The right-hand lane for vehicles is not operating. (It had not been operating when we were last here two weeks ago). The inspectors' building is covered in waterproof plastic and they are relatively dry.


Reihan-Barta'a Checkpoint 07:45

We didn't see any trucks waiting to be checked. The lower parking lot is full. We stood under the shed next to the gate where people enter the terminal. Taxis let people off and they hurry in the rain towards the entrance. The soldier in the booth shouted at them not to run, but only once. It is not easy to remain outside in the pouring rain. We drank tea with ginger (good for sore throats) and waited for Amjar and his daughter to take them to a meeting in Kfar Kara.