Reihan, Shaked, Wed 16.1.13, Afternoon

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Yocheved G. and Hanah H.

Translation :Yael Bassis-Student


15:30 Shaked checkpoint

The site continues to grow; More concrete blocks were added at the entrance on the  West Bank side.

A family from Um-el-Reihan returns from Jenin loaded with shopping bags; they wait for their vehicle.

Passage of both pedestrians and vehicles is handled properly.


16:10 – Reihan checkpoint

We met a resident of Ya'abed, a carpenter who has a permit to work  in Israel. He can work in a wood workshop in Afula and in Usfiya but since he is unable to get to Afula in the morning through the Reihan checkpoint, but only through Taibe, it is not worthwhile to get to work.

Workers returning from Barta'a walk straight into the terminal. Two windows are open.


16:20 The stream of those returning to the West Bank increases. But whenever people arrive from the opposite direction, the other window takes care of them and that delays the entry of workers (5-6 are let in at a time) and a line is formed by the carousel.

Today is Wednesday, many students return on this day from Jenin. This problem recurrs every week and increases towards 17:00 when the number of returning workers increases.