Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir, Fri 18.1.13, Afternoon

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Revital Sela, Rachela Hayur (Reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.



12:15 – We crossed the Bezek Checkpoint.  The Jordan valley is now green.

Alon Route – A dirt embankment is blocking the sides of the road, and the rain has eroded it in some places.

12:40 – Hamra Checkpoint

The checkpoint is manned by reservists.    There are blue and red flags belonging to the military police.  There is very little traffic.  Local families are coming back from worship carrying bags of groceries and cartons.  . Small cars are driving west towards the West Bank, and some are carrying workers.  Other workers are walking towards the tent encampment near the checkpoint.    

We left at 13:15.


13:40 – Tayasir Checkpoint

The road leading up to the Tayasir checkpoint is getting more disrupted every day.  There is little traffic on the road and through the checkpoint.  The almond tree on the south side of the road is in full flower and is completely white.   The soldiers at the checkpoint are reservists.    An officer and soldier approach us and inform us that we are in a military zone and must not disturb.    We gave our usual response and proceeded to our usual lookout point.   Another reservist soldier approaches.  He explained that they receive orders from the regiment commander of the Jordan Valley.   These orders include making us leave and specify who is to cross and who is not.   He offered to bring chairs, tea, and cookies as well as a Shabbat meal that was prepared by two professional cooks.  We declined all the gestures as well as the occupied territories.    
We left at 14:15.


14:30 – We were asked if everything was OK at the Bezek Checkpoint and crossed.