Bethlehem (300), Etzion DCL, Thu 17.1.13, Afternoon

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Shlomit S., Ora A.

Translation: Yael Bassis-Student


14:10  Many vehicles at the car park. Apparently many people saw the sign stating that reception of people ends at 14:30  and tried coming earlier.

When we arrived we saw some youngsters coming out after receiving magnetic cards.


14:20  We were approached by an elderly person who told us that his wife passed away the day before and that his son is hospitalized at the Haddassah hospital in Jerusalem. He asked for a permit to stay by his son. His brother-in-law who came with him, asked too for such a permit to assist the father and replace him, when needed, by the sons' hospital bed. The father received a 3 days permit, the brother-in-law received non. Following many telephone call and faxes that came from the hospital, the brother-in-law was granted a week's long permit.