'Azzun 'Atma, Habla, Wed 5.12.12, Morning

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Nura R., Hanna P.(reporting)




Translator: Hanna K.


Azzun Atma 06:00 – When we arrived we were approached by a young man who has an authorization to go out and work on his fields, although he is disallowed. Because of that each time he tries to go out he is delayed, for an hour to two. At the DCO they told him that there was nothing to be done, that's how it is.

There are renovations in process at the CP. A new structure for checking, which has not yet been opened, has been put up, and in the meantime the checking is carried out in the old building. An awning was added for people who wait in the queue. 

Over 100 people stand in the queue.

One man was waiting on the side, within the fence. To our enquiry he replied: He has an authorization which he forgot at home, therefore he tried to go over the fence. He was caught and his ID card was taken from him. Now he waits for it to be returned. In the meantime he was joined by some other illegal aliens who were caught, and were waiting…

There was a group of people who work night shifts at Azzun Atma and live on the Israeli side of Azzun Atma. According to them they return each morning to their homes without being checked. The soldiers intended letting them pass and then a lieutenant military policewoman intervenedand made them pass through the queue. When we asked her she replied that their papers could be forged.


Habla 07.15 – the queue is small, perhaps owing to the rain.

Two busses with children arrived. The driver gets out and is checked, reenters, opens the luggage lids, the soldiers check, the woman soldiers peeps into the bus from time to time and then they pass.