'Azzun 'Atma, Habla, Thu 3.1.13, Morning

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Nura R., Hanana P.(reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.


06:00  Azzun Atma– A man approached us when we arrived.  The police don’t allow him to work in Israel; he’s able only to reach his lands.  It’s been eight months.  We referred him to Sylvia.


The checkpoint  “under development” is partially blocked by two concrete barriers.  When we entered an MP tried to make us leave.  After an argument he agreed we could stand beneath the guard.


About 70 people on line.  A woman stands to the side.  She tried to go through the fence; now she’s waiting for her ID.


07:00  Habla– Few people on line, as well as a tractor and wagon.


07:35  A bus arrives with children.  The driver enters to be inspected, returns to the vehicle, drives through the gate, opens the luggage compartments.  Then a female soldier boards to check within.


08:00  Arab al Ramadin– We learn a school was established in the village for the little children who were afraid to go through the Habla checkpoint.

We met Himam, the principal.  She lives in Qalqiliya, speaks English fluently.  She described the humiliations the teachers undergo on their way to the village.  Sometimes they’re forced to undress completely.


The school has 23 children in three classes – first, second and third grade.  It’s “constructed” of tents made of heavy plastic sheeting.