Ofer - Release on Bail, Stone Throwing

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Roni Hammermann, Hagit Shlonsky (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.

This time we were able to go in without a hitch with the kind help of Hamdan (the communications officer, who told us proudly that he had been promoted).

10:30 - Most of the courtrooms did not post dockets. In Courtroom 4 there was a list, so we walked in and stayed there until lunch break.

Judge: Captain Zvi Heilbronn

Prosecutor: Ashhar

We attended the hearing of 14 Palestinian detaineesinfo-icon, 11 of whom had been released on bail. Perhaps it was an unusual day, or a week, when the court found time to dispose of old cases - some a year or two old. Apparently, despite the security risk involved, the accused had been released with restrictions (report to the police, deposits and guarantees). Hava Halevi's report from yesterday (12.7.10) mentions detainees on bail whose charges the prosecution was unable to prove for 22 months, eventually rescinding the allegations. Perhaps this week there were fewer raids on Palestinian homes in the territories, so fewer suspects got embroiled in the judicial system of interrogations and prosecutions, freeing the courts from some of the backlog. This is mere speculation on our part. The truth is, we don't really understand the workings of the courts.

Uda Abd Alaziz Yussuf Abu Dahak - Case No.1042/10, released on bail.

The attorney (unfamiliar to me) requests a deferment. He has not had time to reach an agreement with the prosecution.

Arraignment set for Monday 21.9.10.

Ali Muhammad Ali Mashahara - Case No. 4466/09, released on bail.

Accused of using false documents.

Hearing set for ???

Ali Mahmud Yussuf Abu Hashem - Case No. 2231/10.

Attorney Abu Omar requests a deferment to allow him time to confer with the prosecution. Arraignment set for 9.8.10.

Issa Muhammad Ahmad Anbawi - Case No.4333/10. ID 313702185.

Attorney Alaraj says he is missing some data and requests a deferment. The judge comments that the accused has been in custody for a long time.

Session for arguments for penalty is set for 2.8.10.

Luai Mussa ? Harbawi - Case No.4153/09, released on bail.

Accused of using fake documents.

Hearing postponed to 16.8.10.

Yihiya Ahmad Othman Aata - Case No. 4503/08

In custody for two years. He is represented by Atty. Alaraj.

Sentencing hearing is set for 9.8.10.

Ahmad Abed Alhakim Fareed Shehada - Case No. 5962/07, released on bail.

A boy of about 17 years who looks younger, represented by Ahlam Hadad.

About 3 years ago he was arrested for throwing rocks and admitted his guilt. Despite his admission, his attorney is trying to prove his innocence.

An evidentiary hearing with prosecution witnesses is set for 14.9.10.

Awad Zein Muhammad Mahmra - Case No. 5026/08, released on bail.

He is charged with a long list of traffic violations committed in 2008. He allegedly changed an Israeli license plate to a Palestinian one and drove an unregistered vehicle with an expired license. The accused accepted all the charges, and in a plea bargain between defense and prosecution, which was approved by the court, he was sentenced to 3 months probation for one year, plus a 550-shekel fine to be subtracted from the sum he deposited as bail.

Two men and three women from the village of Abu Salah, released on bail, now face the court, all deny the allegations brought against them. Apparently, the charges are for assault and for interfering with military operation during a demonstration against the separation fence in their village.

They are represented by Atty. Akram Samara. It appears that one or two additional men belong to this group of accused. All these cases will be heard on 20.9.10, on which day 8 prosecution witnesses will testify.