Ofer - Plea Bargain, Stone Throwing

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Yehudit Steinberg, Hagit Shlonsky (reporting) and a guest from abroad

Translation: Marganit W.

After a rather unsuccessful day in court, we have only a few pieces of information which are hardly worth reporting.

We waited at the entrance for an hour and half after being told that the families would be admitted first. We could not argue with this explanation even though it was clear that they could easily let us in without interfering with the slow pace at which the families were admitted. We were joined by three activists who came to watch the trial of a Ni'ilin detainee represented by Atty. Gaby Lasky. It was almost 12 when we went in. Thus we missed most of the hearings we came to attend.

Courtroom 2

Judge: Major Sharon Rivlin-Ahai

In the 45 minutes we were in court 5 boys were brought in, all charged with throwing rocks. Three were represented by Atty. Shahin.

Muhammad Aadel Ibrahim Jadallah, ID - 860052711 - Case No. 2489/10.

The defendant is a boy, born in 1995. He is represented by Atty. Shahin.

The charge:  throwing rocks.

The trial was postponed to 26.7.10.

His family was not present in court when he was brought in. They were admitted only when the hearing was over. At the attorney's request, and with the judge's consent, Jadallah was brought back to court to meet with his mother.

Hamada Ibrahim Akel Kablan - Case No. 2296/10

Hamada accepts the charge of using a sling to hurl rocks at a passing army jeep. This was during a demonstration. His family is not present. The prosecution and the defense reach an agreement and the judge approves, handing down a sentence penalty of prison time, fine (1500 shekels) and 6- month probation for the same amount.

Muad Ali Zabah Alsabah - Case No. 2225/10

Born in 1993. He accepts the charges and a plea bargain is reached. The sentence is 7.5 months in jail plus 1000 shekels fine and probation for identical time and sum.

The trial of Ubai Alabudi  (See Ofer report of 8.6.10) did not take place because the witnesses did not show up.

The hearing was set for 12.7.10.

Courtroom 6

Judge: Hilit Bar-on

Hamed Ahmad Abu Maria, ID - 854234234, Case No. 33535/09

The defense is Atty. Alaraj

There is a plea bargain in which Hamed accepts the charges of membership in an unlawful organization ("Jerusalem Brigade" which belongs to the Palestinian Jihad) and rock throwing during military activity at Beit Umar.

The judge gives her decision,  then asks Hamed if he accepts the charges.

Before answering he looks around incomprehensibly, at his family and at his attorney, and finally seems to realize that he has a role to play in this ritual.

I had not heard what led to this summation, but Hamed seems to have been in detention for many months, judging by the case number (2009). Apparently, only recently did he admit to the charges.

Arguments for the prosecution and the defense will be presented on 21.7.10.