'Awarta, 'Azzun, Beit Furik, Eliyahu Crossing, Huwwara, Sun 17.2.13, Morning

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Tamar S., Anna S., Dalia G. guest, Aliyah S. (reporting)

09:30  We entered through the Eliyahu Gate. Four Palestinian Police jeeps were standing at the road leading to Isbet Tabib. A short while later they passed us going in the direction of Nablus.

The main entrance to Azzun  is closed with an iron gate and cement blocks. We were told that it had been closed for 4 days because the army claimed that there had been stone throwing at that point along the road. A car coming out of Azzun was going around the gate on a muddy path.

Huwwara checkpoint was empty and there was no sign of soldiers in that area.

At the Beit Furik checkpoint there was an army jeep but no one stopped a Palestinian taxi that went into Nablus

At the entrance to Itamar there was an army hummer. A little farther we saw another hummer and an army jeep, but we didn't see any unusual action.

We drove through Awarta and saw lots of children playing in the streets and the yards. We were told that there is a teachers' strike and the schools are closed because the teachers haven't been paid. That is because Israel is holding up payment of the tax money which is collected for the Palestinian Authority. Nice punishment. For what?

11:30  As we left through the Shomron Gate the guard asked Nadim his name. When Nadim answered the guard demanded to see all of our identity cards. Yes, we are all Israelis.