Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir, Fri 22.3.13, Afternoon

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Ravital Sela, Rochele Hayut (reporting)



Translator:  Charles K.




12:00  Bezeq checkpoint.  We crossed.  The green landscape is fading away.


Alon Road.  The earthen berm is still in place.


12:15  Hamra checkpoint.

A military vehicle stands at the junction, next to an Israeli car missing two wheels and without a driver.  Is the IDF guarding a stranded vehicle?  Perhaps!  We didn’t ask.

Reservists.  Only black/red banners (MP’s).  Light traffic.  The soldier approaching us (reservist, armored corps) explains that they – and also soldiers doing compulsory service - shouldn’t have to serve here so frequently.   We showed him where we intended to stand; he didn’t argue, didn’t object and went on his way.


12:35  We left.


13:05  Tayasir checkpoint

Strong winds, dust and haze.


Light traffic on the road and at the checkpoint.  Reservists (infantry) at the checkpoint.  One approaches us, wants to know who we are, why, he never saw or heard about a group like us.  The soldiers stand with their weapons as if ready for battle.  We asked why; they said that’s the correct way to stand with a weapon.  He said they’re very polite, don’t stop anyone, say hello to the drivers and allow them to continue.


They’ll celebrate the seder at the checkpoint.


13:30  We left.