Palestinians passengers are forced to alight from a bus at Oranit settlement bus station. "Price Tag" at Qusra Thur. 21.03.13

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Pitzi S. Nurit P. Yehudiet Levin (reporting & photographing)

Natanya translating.


14.50 We went to document the damage done by the burning of private cars in the village of Qusra. The cars had been set alight as part of the activities of "the price tag" of the settlers from the outpost of "Holy fire" 

Qusra. At the entrance to the village

are 2 command cars. Soldiers with

weapons to scatter demonstrations

are spread out in the main streets

walking in the direction of the army vehicles.

When we left the village we no longer saw them.

We saw 4 burnt cars and one of which the windows had been smashed. Cars were in the yards of the houses of the inhabitants.

The cars are scattered in different places far from one another. The settlers who did the damage and went wild were not afraid to go through the village in the late night.

The Palestinians say that if even a cat dares to wander into the settlement the army is called in but here the army with all its guarding equipment, saw nothing.

16.12At the stop at Oranit settlement bus terminal.  

bus 228 arrives from Tel Aviv going in the direction

of Ariel. Police get on and take off about

15 Palestinians. When we come to the

place we are told by a soldier, "There

are no checkpoints here." And he takes IDs from all.

After half an hour at the pace the policeman travels

in his car to Azzun Atma and tells the workers to

come there to get their IDs back (a distance of 4 kilometers). In the meantime other buses go in the same direction but the police do not get on them or take anyone off. We are told that every now and again police get on and remove Palestinians. A worker says that nowhere is it written that they cannot use public transport. And adds that there is no other transportation.

Pitzi reports from the mouth of a settler who asks to speak to us.

These are the words of a settler from Sha'arei Tikvah who speaks about the Palestinians and wants to show us the other side.

"It is terrible to have to sit next to the Palestinians who are returning from work. It is not possible to breathe. Separate transport should be provided so that they do not take places in the bus and so that I and my friends have a place to sit."

In her opinion the contractor who takes them to work should also have to return them.