Ni'lin, Makkabim. 21 February 2013

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Nura R., Chana P. (reporting)

Translation: Suzanne O.


Ni'lin Crossing

6:00 a.m.  Some of the labourers have already left and await transport.  The roadblock should open at 4:30 a.m., but actually opened later.  In order to leave at six o'clock they need to get into the queue at three o'clock.  The queue is very long and, very often, they return home because they are too late.  The number of people at the roadblock has increased lately: 1700 construction labourers are sent to Upper Modi'in daily (Kiriat Sefer), and in addition a large number of labourers are spread out throughout Israel.  We got to the beginning of the queue but could not see the end; we were told that the queue reaches the village of Ni'lin.


People complained at the conditions:  there are no toilets for the thousands of labourers arriving there daily, and there is nowhere to wait for transport.


Maccabim Crossing

6:50 a.m. 

The crossing opens at 5 o'clock, most of the labourers have already left.  The complaints are the same, they have to wait a long time and the checks are slow.

Coaches were in the car park for the families of prisoners.  We chatted to one family who could speak some English.  They told us they have 4 sons, 3 of whom were in Israeli prisons.  At the moment they have a son who is held in Nafcha.