Qalandiya, Tue 7.5.13, Morning

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Virginia S., Ina P. (reporting)


Arriving at the CP at 5:40, lines were beginning to grow. Nevertheless, passage was proceeding well and by 6:20 there were no more lines and people were passing through freely by the left-hand turnstile. A woman who approached the Humanitarian gate was referred to the other passageway by the officer. All the others (adults and children) passed through the three cage-like passages.


At 6:30 a tradesman from Nablus asked us for help as his permit had been taken from him at the inspection till. We spoke with the coordination officer and heard that a week ago he had committed a 

 traffic offence. He confirmed this but complained that he had a 90-day limit. The Qalandiya Matak referred him to the Nablus Matak and we gave him Haya O.'s telephone number in case he had further trouble with the issue.