Etzion DCL, Thu 23.5.13, Afternoon

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Shlomit S., Ora A.


Translation: Naomi Gal


  14:10 a young man addressed us and said he went inside and asked for a permit to enter Jerusalem to tend to his brother, a 17 years old boy suffering from severe leg ulcers and treated at Hadassah. He brought with him all the necessary documents, including a letter from a doctor at Hadassah describing the condition of the boy and stating that he will need a prolonged treatment lasting several months, but DCO refused to give him an entry permit and immediately sent him out. We turned to Hannah, who sorted it out with the Health Center and they told her that there is no prevention for the brother to get a long-term permit. After a conversation with officer R. he was summoned inside and within two minutes got a permit for three months. What would have happened if we were not there?

 A single man thirty years old complained that he doesn’t get a work permit in Israel because he is unmarried. Officer R. said that recently some easing was given to enable unmarried men to get a work permits at a younger age. The youngster has to find an Israeli employer who’d want to employ him and that way he will get a permit.

Another guy said he is prevented by the GSS and that a lawyer was handing his case. The GSS told the lawyer that the prevention has been lifted and that the man can get an entry permit to Israel. But when he filed his request he was told that the computer listed him as prevented. The prevention has not been removed. We referred him to Sylvia. Other GSS prevented were referred to Sylvia as well.