Haris, Kifl Harith, Qira, Shomron Crossing, Mon 10.6.13, Morning

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Harriet Goitein(reporting) and Nitza Avigail

Harriet Goitein and Nitza Avigail travel to teach in Qira.


9:50 Haris - Many people are out.  Stores are open.  The town looks extremely neglected.

Kifl Harith -  quiet - few people on the street, most stores are closed. There is evidence of new buildings starting. A large green building, perhaps a sport stadium is nearly finished.

10:00 Qira - very quiet.  We arrive at the moadon.  3 teenaged girls are waiting for us.  Since it is summer vacation these girls have participated in our classes for the last 3 weeks. They help Nitza set up and begin printing.

Nitza does print making, winding up 6 lessons on the subject.  The women have made their own designs using a roller technique.They enthusiastically created scarves and paper prints.  The women are very fond of Nitza and are looking forward to her return in the fall.


11:15 I taught the women English during the first hour using the ipad to show sites in Tel Aviv and Jaffa and giving a short background in preparation for ladies trip to Jaffa on Wednesday. We also conversed telling about our families and our birthplaces.  Some of the women were born in Kuwait, one in Lebanon and two in Nablus.  They also told about what they liked to do.  Several do traditional embroidery and one weaves professional looking straw mats.  It seems that a lot of the traditional embroidery is much less practiced.


For three weeks, during the second hour, I have taught English to the 5 teenage girls who were excited about it.

One of the younger women was extremely upset to find out that she was not registered for the trip. Nadim called Rachel Ofek giving her all the information about the woman.  Rachel was able to mend the oversight and arranged for a permit within one day.


12:30 We returned through Kifl Harith and Haris.  Haris looked so much better, it must have been trash pick-up day.


12:45 Shomron Crossing - the guard said hello and let us pass without further checking.