Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Sun 26.5.13, Morning

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Yael A., Tzippi M. (reporting)


Meitar Passage - Sansana

06:00 a.m.

Near Kibbutz Kramim we are surprised to find a police checkpoint in both directions. Near the Meitar CP there is lively vehicle traffic -  many workers and many employers. We crossed to the Palestinian side. The workers' passage is  quick. The EAPPI people who are there told us that since early morning thirty people were refused entry into Israel. They do not know why, but those coming back do not appear to be angry. We asked one of the people coming back while we were talking and he said that his employer said he no longer has a permit for him. The man said that he will look for another employer.

On the hill that can be seen from the CP, there is a group of about 17 illegals waiting for an opportunity to descend and sneak into Israeli territory. After a short time we see smoke spreading toward them, a police unit is using tear gas. They retreat a bit, but continue to wait until the gas disappears. They keep standing there and waiting to try for  luck. They take risks when they need to earn a livelihood; in a place where poverty if rife. What alternative do they have?


South Hebron Hills

We travel on a side road in the direction of Ramadin-Dahariah; Ramadin has a paved road with no CP. From there onwards to Burg: the road passes between a big cluster of  beautiful  large houses, cultivated fields, olive groves, nurseries, hen houses, schools. Far from the colonies' areas, the residents can conduct normal lives. almost. Bet Arusha- Alfuqa, beautiful view: lovely houses, many children going to school, in the fields they are now harvesting  squash, but without water pipes and sprinklers they get the water from pools.


We turned to Negohot. Here the idyll ended and we returned to reality. Negohot B': a collection of caravillas on a hill and from a significant distance .from it there is Negohot A', also on a hill and constructed beautifully. In the colony they are preparing a large area for expansion, between B' and  A' there are a few mobile CPs on the sides of the road.


El Fawwar - There is an army CP at the entrance, but the traffic is flowing. 



We are halted at the Kiryat Arba CP; there is a telephone call and then we are allowed to go through. In Hebron it is 'quiet' this morning. The children are going to school quickly. Now is the period of final exams. Before we left, we went into the caravilla neighborhood on the Hill of Mamre. A gorgeous kindergarten has been built there; Near it they are building a large private house and beyond that there is a caravilla that became a stone house a long time ago. Continuing on the road there is a dirt road and they are preparing the ground. At the exit near the vineyards of Jabry, a small notice has been put on a pole, to the effect that there will be a ground-breaking ceremony for an educational center at Bnei Haver. It will be worthwhile to visit there.


South Hebron Hills

All along the road there are religious warnings about Nitzan Alon - 'Nitzan Alon (means ) no security'. On Road 317 there are archeological digs. The digs opposite Ma'on are deserted. Obviously the affair ended with nothing. Now it is possible to prepare the ground for expansion. 

In the uprooted vineyard, the roots have been whitewashed and cut. Now the counting begins all over again. They have to wait six years until there will be fruit.

In Susiya, the new neighborhood is ready for residents and some more ground is being prepared for expansion. 

On the way back, we see only one person on the 'hill of the illegals'.