'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Masha, Tue 11.6.13, Morning

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Shoshi A. (photographing), Ilana R., Shirit H. and Karin L. (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.


10:50  Eliyahu checkpoint

People cross quickly in both directions.


11:00  Azzun

We arrived earlier than usual.  Many people and vehicles in the streets, shops are open, it’s obvious that school vacation has begun – many children in the streets.  After a short visit with Z. we continued south to Maskha via Thulth, Siniriyya and Bidya.


11:40  Masha

We’d made an appointment to meet with people from the local council.  On the way to the municipal building we drove through the wide streets lined with shops and industrial establishments with signs in Hebrew, a reminder of the time when many Israelis shopped here before Highway 5 opened.

We met G.A, an accountant who works in the municipality, his uncle, R.A., who works as a guard and was our translator; then the uncle’s uncle arrived.

The village has 2400 residents.

6400 dunums out of the total of 8800 belonging to the village are located on the other side of the separation fence.  Elkana and Etz Efrayim were built on land belonging to the village, which formerly extended all the way to Kafr Qassem.  60% of those who own land beyond the fence haven’t received permits.  They submitted a list of dozens of requests for permits via the Palestinian Authority.  When they try to find out what happened to them they’re told they haven’t yet been dealt with.