'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Tue 28.5.13, Afternoon

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Ilana, Shirit and Karin


12:45 Habla

Three men are already waiting at the container, then a few others arrive.

A conversation ensues about the difficulties of the passage at the gatesinfo-icon.

13:02 The military vehicle arrives, arrangements for the opening of the gates begin.

13:08 The first group of five passes in the direction of Habla. Immediately after is the first group of five from the direction of Habla passes. During the whole shift the traffic is greater than usual. Among the pedestrians, the tractors and the cars there are also two trucks with big trees for replanting. They are meticulously checked, just as the other vehicles.

13:40 One sees from afar a woman supported by a man, looking sick. After the checking they sit down in the container, waiting for the daughter from Galguliya who will take her mother to a hospital in Israel. L. tells us about the good situation that prevailed before the Intifada, when the movement was free and there was the possibility of working in Israel. He would like that situation to return, the colour of the ID cards does not interest him. He can't see any possibility of creating a Palestinian state in the small area which remained in the cantons, without land, without water, without domination over the whole area and the borders.

14:00 A vehicle which wanted to pass at the CP in the direction of Habla returns driving backwards. Before we understood what had happened the farther gate was already shut. Another man arrives trying to persuade the soldiers to let him pass as he must bring more goods, but he is met with an absolute refusal, although they shut the southern gate a bit before 14:00. According to him he arrived exactly on time and that they opened late, but he was answered that they do what they have to do and what the woman commander tells them to. The other man who arrived with his tired horse and cart, didn't have any chance. Despite his pleas they close the northern gate too and they will have to dry out in the heat for three hours.

14:20 Azzun

The shops are open, the traffic in the street is the usual one, we bring parcels to the shop of Z. and meet two of his children.

14:50 Eliyahu Gate – There are cars in all the lanes, one car is directed to the lane on the extreme right, for checking. After the usual questions we pass without delays.