Beit Ummar, Etzion DCL, Tue 11.6.13, Afternoon

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Yael L.J (reporting), Avital F. (driver, translator)


14.00 - 16.00


We arrived at 14.55. 3 Palestinian vehicles were in the parking-lot; there are no people; a  soldier is behind the counter. Silence. Then 3 men or gentlemen arrived, dressed casually. One was able to enter at once the two others had to wait. While waiting the older one talked to us mainly to inquire about what I was writing in my notebook (at this point all I managed to write was the time of the arrival). Then the older man – a bossy type - told us they were doing construction work at a road called "container". Their employer is an American company. They would get all the permits they needed. Then they were called in and we left.


Bet Ummar Nabi Yonas

We did this tour as usual. There were a lot of Palestinian vehicles at Bet Umar. There were 3 to 4 Israeli Military Jeeps between Etzion and Nabi Yonain each direction.