Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension, Barred (from meeting with attorney)

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Diana Rubanenko

Russian Compound

Judge: Asher Barak

Police investigator: Nissim Argaman

Defence Attorney: Maamoun Hashim, Firas Sabbah, Fahmi Shkirat


There were 7 cases of remand extension in the docket today.

We were present at the hearings of 3 of them, all of detaineesinfo-icon barred from meeting with an attorney.


Two are from Awwarta [near the Itamar colony]. Their files were transferred here from the Petah Tikva Court.


All three cases (which we attended) were represented by Attorney Mamoun Hashim.


The two detainees from Awwarta were not represented by a lawyer, and the third - from Ar-Ram - was represented by an attorney who had requested a substitute. He is from Beersheva and was apparently appearing in another court.


Judge Barak refused to allow our presence during the stage of the hearing in which a barred [from meeting an attorney] detainee  appears.


Rais Jarrah Maruah Abdat, ID 850001033 - a resident of Awwarta [near the Jewish colony Itamar]


He was arrested on 16.3.11. This is his first remand extension. He was born in 1988.


The police investigator requests another 15 days to continue the investigation. The detainee has already given two police statements.


The defence attorney asks several questions. The investigator did not reply and only said "I refer you to the confidential report" when asked about the kind of suspicion his client was suspected of – did the suspect admit his guilt - and the evident question: is this connected to the murders committed in the Itamar colony, where 5 members of a family were murdered, children and adults. The defence attorney wanted to understand why the case had been transferred from Petah Tikva to Jerusalem, and whether the suspect had complained about the use of unlawful means used during his interrogation.


To all of these he answered “It’s in the confidential file”.


To sum up: the police does not waver from its request (15 days extension), and the defence objects to the extension because there are no grounds.


Judge Barak asked to see where the report states what the detainee is suspected of, and what is the grave suspicion mentioned by the investigator. The judge then argued that the evidence shown him had not helped him to understand if there is any point in a 15-day extension. He gathers that the investigative agents can complete their work in a shorter period - 8 days.


Abed El Rachman Yassin Nasser Jabali, I.D. 805822818 –

resident of Awarta


Arrested on 13.3.11.


The police requested 15 more days.


Maamoun Hashim asked if the detainee is suspected of the same charges attributed to the previous detainees.


The answer: “it’s in the confidential report with the judge". The suspicions against them are “actions against regional security". The investigator noted that the charges date from recent weeks.


The judge looked in the file and asked the investigator for explanations: why do they need 15 days for the investigation? Why was he arrested? What are the suspicions against him?


The investigator replied that matters would become clear in the course of the investigation; the whole point of the investigation is to elicit the truth...


The judge's decision: after examining the reports and the clarifications, he has reached the conclusion that no more than 4 days are necessary to conclude the investigation of the suspect.


Assem Mussa Ibrahim Mansour, I.D. 9043 81802 – resident of Ar-Ram.

Arrested on 16.3.11.


Mamoun Hashim is representing him on behalf of the attorney from Beersheba, who is absent.


The police asked for an extension of 15 more days.


He is suspected of activity against regional security.


From the questions, the defence attorney concluded that it is a criminal offence - trade in combat materiel. The detainee has a criminal past.


The investigator’s response: “it’s in the confidential report. I cannot say more than what I said”.


The judge’s decision: Additional 8 days of remand extension.