Petah Tikva - Remand Extension, Health Problems

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Ada Heilbronn (reporting)

Translation: L.W. 

Note: the hearing in the matter of Advocate Rassam will be on 12.11.08 at Ketziot Prison, apparently in order to keep away the people coming to give him encouragement.

“Crafty policy” of the Detention Centre Service, or the GSS – or whoever...


Stationed at the entrance of the police compound is a guard from “Mishmar Haezrahi Company.” The police have hired a private security company to protect them......


Again a routine day of remand extension hearings on a conveyor belt. The short duration (two hours) in which the prevention of movement, or earning a livelihood, of 17 detaineesinfo-icon, seems long -- and prolonged. Everyone concerned, except for the suspects, is bored and yawning.

The investigator holds long conversations with the interpreter, the policeman accompanying the detainees paces around the room impatiently, the defence attorneys are also yawning and displaying disinterest. Routine causes an evil in its own right...


Snippet picked up about Salem Military Court: trials held 5 days a week, from 08:00 to 17:00 and, to enter the courtroom, the judges, interpreters, stenographers and all other workers undergo security checks afresh every day.


The judge, Major Itai Regev, a nice guy, does not maintain any formality whatsoever, but never, ever, even for one day, rejects any request for remand, nor does he raise any questions about the actions of an investigation.


The investigator: Sergeant Major Hashem Halabi.

Defence: Advc. Raed Mahamid (says that Mahajna will no longer be appearing at Petah Tikva), MuhammadAabed, Jamal Abu Wassell, Samar Samaan.


There are no more armed military police at the back of the courtroom. Somebody must have decided that it is a waste of manpower.


Today there are 17 detainees: one older man (53, a merchant who was in the Emirates and returned), two blacklisted and the rest youngsters, mostly very skinny.


1.Ravhi Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Mus, ID 962853065, Jenin, arrested 27.10.08,

request: 15 days remand

Advocate Aabed: the detainee is a merchant who was on a business trip, was arrested on his way from the Emirates. Since there is no direct route from the Emirates to Jordan, he had to go through Syria and then to Jordan.

Aabed asks the investigator whether there was information on the detainee before he left the country, and if there was, why did they let him go and meet with a ‘terror organisation’?

Investigator: it’s in Clause 5 of the classified report.”

Decision: 15 days.


2. Barred (from meeting a lawyer): Nadel Mahmoud Hafid Abu Lil, ID 853508117,  from Balata Refugee Camp,

Arrested on 29.10.08

request: 8 days remand


The detainee is removed from the courtroom. The defence attorney enters and is given a page with the suspect’s data – name, address, date of arrest, prohibition form, etc. The charge: forbidden activity that endangers the security of the area.

With that, the attorney now has to defend the detainee!

Barred from meeting a lawyer: 4 days from 3.11.08.

Decision: 8 days.


3.Barred: Anan Marwan Hamis Marai, ID 904657830, barred from meeting a lawyer: 5 days from 4.11.08. 

Advocate Raed Mahamid. (The forms were returned to the stenographer for correction, and were not given back before I left, therefore no available details).


4.Sufian Naif Mitab Snobar, ID 950438663, from Yatama,

arrested on 16.10.08

request: 16 days


Adv. Abu Wassell: the detainee suffers from mental problems and hallucinations. The tranquilizers received in the detention centre do not help with the hallucinations, but do cause severe headaches.

Decision: 13 days. Recommendation to move him to an appropriate detention centre with medical care, in coordination with his lawyer.


5. Zaki Hakim Muhammad Sharuf, ID 852861780, from Hebron

arrested on 17.10.08

request: 8 days

Adv. Raed Mahamid

Decision: 8 days.


6. Azzam Muhammad Faez Hemed, ID 854202247, from Kfar Kalil, arrested 3.11.08, request: 16 days

The judge notes that today is the detainee’s birthday

Adv. Mahamid

Decision: 16 days.


7. Muhammad Wahabi Ambada Alhiga, ID 910458348, fromBeit Iba,

arrested on 11.10.08

request: 16 days


Adv. Samaan: the sophisticated interrogation method caused this youngster to make nationalist patriotic statements and admit to things that he had not done.

The investigator notes that the detainee is suspected of firing at installations.

The advocate noted that the suspect had only fired in the air, and that he suffers from breathing problems.

Decision: 16 days.


8. Udai Mazbah Ahmad Snobar, ID 401892203, from Yatama

Arrested on 25.10.08

request: 16 days

Adv. Mahamid

Decision: 16 days.


The hearing ended within three minutes of the detainee entering the courtroom and being ordered to sit. He turned to his lawyer and asked: “What? Already finished?”


9. Muhammad Ahmad Kassem Kabala, ID 850287392, from Beit Iba

Arrested on 3.11.08

Request: 16 days

Adv. Mahamid: the investigation ended long ago (the judge corrects – what do you mean ‘long ago’! Two days ago!)

Decision: 16 days because there is need for implementation of additional actions before the file is completed and transferred to the prosecution.


10.  Rada Yusuf Rada Mansour, ID 851835603, from Kfar Kalil

Arrested on 29.10.08

Request: 16 days

Adv. Mahamid

Decision: 16 days.


11.  Halil Samir Hassan Adili, ID 852341064, from Otzrin

Arrested 25.10.08

Request: 16 days

Adv. Mahamid

Decision: 13 days.


12.  Muhammad Hussam Aldin Mustafa Abu Riala, ID 853518611, from Nablus Arrested on 20.10.08

Request: 16 days

Adv. Raed Mahamid

Decision: 16 days.