Etzion DCL, Thu 18.7.13, Afternoon

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Shlomit S., Ora A.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Translation: Naomi gal

11:50 When we arrived many people were waiting in the hall hoping to get a permit to enter Israel to celebrate Ramadan. No one got a permit. They were all sent to the Palestinian DCO. According to them, most had applied a long time ago and still did not get one.

Some people came out after receiving magnetic cards. They were followed by three men who requested magnetic cards but were denied. They said they had let them in at 10:00, and since then they have been waiting. Two hours later, at 12:00, they were ordered to go home empty-handed. They received no explanation. After a conversation with the officer it turned out that there is a shortage of magnetic cards and that during Ramadan they give cards only in urgent cases. We saw no notice about it in the hall.

An elderly man approached us and said his wallet had been stolen with all his documents, including his entrance permit to Israel. He complained at the police station in Tiberias and he had a letter from the police as well as a document from court. He now requested a new permit at the DCO but did not get one. He needs it urgently because he has an important meeting on Sunday. We again called the officer. She made sure he has the necessary documents for a permit and ordered to let him in. Soon afterward he walked out with the permit. If the soldier at the DCO was doing his duty by finding out whether the man had the necessary documents, time and a lot of aggravation would have been saved.

We gave some people Sylvia’s phone number.