Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir, Tue 30.7.13, Afternoon

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Naomi Levite, Rina Tzur (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.


The creeping expulsion of Bedouin from the northern Jordan valley continues without interruption.  During Ramadan as well, on the terribly hot days as well.  Three families from Ras al Ahmar and A’atuf received eviction notices; they have 15 days to leave.  Given the determination to expel the residents of the southern Hebron hills from their homes, these expulsions from the Jordan Valley raise fears that they’re next.


09:30  Za’tara checkpoint/Tapu’ach junction.  No soldiers, no inspections.


In the fields of the settlement of Gitit that are leased to Israelis (Jews and Arabs), many Palestinian workers are picking peppers and eggplants.  Amira Hass writes about this in Ha’aretz, Friday, 2.8.13.  On the one hand, the settlements received more land and water allocations than they can use, and on the other, the Palestinians in the Jordan Valley are desperate for land and for water, so circuitous deals are arranged at the conclusion of which Palestinians work the lands (some of which were expropriated from them) and pay leasing fees to the settlers who’d received gifts they don’t need.


10:15  Hamra checkpoint.  Sparse traffic.


12:15  Tayasir checkpoint.  Sparse traffic.


Hamam el Malih.  Where are the tents provided by the Red Cross to families whose tents were demolished and removed by the Civil Administrationinfo-icon?  I don’t know.


At Ras al Ahmar and A’atuf(west of the Gochia gate, an area we can’t access because for a year the gate has always been closed), the Civil Administration issued expulsion orders to three families; they must leave their homes and sources of livelihood within 15 days.  The only body dealing with such cases, which occur regularly, is the Palestinian Authority, which provides attorneys.  That’s what local residents told us.


Ma’aleh Efrayim checkpoint.  No soldiers when we went through or when we returned.


14:20  Za’tara checkpoint/Tapuach junction.  Two border police soldiers randomly stop vehicles coming from Huwwara for inspection.  We saw no cars detained, as frequently occurs at this junction so the Shabak can interrogate the passengers.