Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Mon 22.7.13, Morning

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Noa, Hagit Back (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.



Many trucks wait at the Meitar checkpoint to transfer loads of sand “back to back” – a substantial terminal has been erected there.  We reached the checkpoint after the laborers crossed, the parking lot is packed and we didn’t see any problems.


Quiet, quiet, quiet.  Despite promises, the roadblock at Beit Haggai on Highway 60 hasn’t been removed.


Police sitting in squad cars at Kvasim junction and on the road from Ramadin to the Meitar checkpoint wait to catch traffic violators and give them tickets.  We see no military vehicles.


On Highway 356, next to the village of Dir’at, there’s a settlers’ car.  Apparently it has a flat tire and two soldiers with weapons “protect” them, but there was no military vehicle nearby , so we assumed the soldiers were hitchhikers in the vehicle.  Road repairs farther on, also guarded by armed police.


The H1 area of Hebron seems more deserted than usual, no detaineesinfo-icon at any checkpoint, all the grocery stores are closed.


The Avraham Avinu neighborhood is empty.  TIF police photograph the new memorial erected there.  Beyond the memorial, on the wall, is a sign with the name of the street that is now abandoned and dirty – August, 2010 grafitti from the Tzabar regiment and terrible desolation.