Etzion DCL, Thu 8.8.13, Afternoon

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Shlomit S., Ora A.


Translation: Naomi Gal

13:45 When we arrived there was only one car parked at the parking lot. Probably because of the holiday only few people came. 
A man who got an entry permit to Israel came out and said that there are only three people waiting inside. They came out at 14:20. They all got entry permits. Five young men arrived intending to ask for entry permits for the holiday. They were not let in. They were told that entry permits for the holiday were not granted. One of them, who said he was requesting a permit for medical reasons, was let in. 
The others remained outside and said they filed applications for permits at the Palestinian DCO a month ago, some of their family members were granted permits but they were not. They don’t know why. They requested we find out. Shlomit could not contact officer R. so she turned to the permits’ center. The  officer on duty suggested she send him the names and ID numbers of the applicants and he will try to help. She sent the details of the 11 family members who did not get permits. They were told to wait. We waited with them until nearly four o'clock when it turned out that there is not a chance. Talking to the officer she announced that “permits are not granted during the holiday” and this will not change. They left in a bad mood.