Qalandiya, Tue 6.8.13, Morning

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Virginia S., Ina F. (reporting)

Translation:  Judith Green


Another morning of long lines (continuing deep into the parking lot when we arrived at 5:45);  the pace of the progress was slow.  This time, we tracked a random man (with a brightly colored shirt), from the end of the line until he crossed through the second turnstile into the inspection corridor. the time:  35 minutes to get to the inspection procedure.  The humanitarian gate opened a bit after 6:00, when there were already 10 people next to it;  afterward, it opened each time that a similar number of people accumulated.  At 6:30, the pace increased and, by 7:00, the lines had shortened and were contained within the "cages".

When we were about to leave, at 7:00, an elderly woman came up to us and nervously asked for our help (in English).  she had an invitation for an appointment at Hadassah Hospital, but had forgotten her permit at home.  We asked the DCO officer who was present to clarify her status on the computer and to her pass by without the physical permit in hand.  He took her identity number, immediately found out in a telephone call that the DCO had given her a permit, and left her in the hands of a young soldier who escorted her to the inspection area to make sure that she got through successfully.