'Azzun 'Atma, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 8.8.13, Afternoon

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Yudith levin reporting & photographing

Shelly K. translating


Following the Fast of Ramadan, Palestinians celebrate Eid al-Fiter, during which they customarily visit family, dressed for the holiday and bearing gifts.


     14:15. The checkpoint at the entrance to the village of Kif'l Harert' is closed (see photo). Vehicles are waiting on either side. A soldier near the pillbox says that the checkpoint is currently closed due to rock-throwing. It will open at 18:00.

At the IDF Humanitarian Center, I am updated that the battalion commander ordered closureinfo-icon of all access roads to the villages of Kif'l Haret' and Haris in order to pursue the rock throwers.

In the meantime, more vehicles arrive at the gate from both sides. All of them turn back searching for alternate roads. We tried to follow a minibus whose driver knew an additional road to the village (underneath the new road), but there too, the yellow roadblock arm was closed at the entrance. An army vehicle was present and inside there were several officers who did not answer the requests of an elderly Palestinian dressed in white.

14:55 We continued from there to the entrance to the village of Zeita Jam'mayin, which was open.

15:10 Za’tara/Tapuach Junction CP. In the parking lot there is an army and a civilian vehicle (probably Security Services). Soldiers wander around them but there is no check at positions. Two soldiers guard the “Trampiada” in the direction of Ramallah, and one soldier is guarding the hilltop. One wonders whether today as well, the Blue Police will arrive to distribute entry passes to Palestinians. In contrast to most Thursdays, when there is usually a lot of traffic due to the upcoming Palestinian weekend, today there is a holiday mood, different. Most of the shops in Huwwara are closed except for a few groceries and sweet-shops.


       15:15 Huwwara Checkpoint

The checkpoint is not manned. A soldier guards all “Trampiadas” designated for Bracha settlers. Posted on the checkpoint fence are brand new signs advertising cheap houses for sale at Tapuach settlement.







15:50 North entrance to Huwwara -

An army jeep is waiting, its lights blinking.

16:45Traffic is passing through the Kif'l Harert' checkpoint! We are told that the checkpoint was reopened an hour ago.


17:42 Azzun Atma Checkpoint

Due to the holiday, no workers pass through the checkpoint but three youngsters are sitting, detained: they wanted to go to the beach but were caught. They were told that they would be freed in about 4 hours. I hope they will be freed sooner.

They agree to be photographed. Smile. Freed people