Ofer - Plea Bargain, Criminal Offence

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Hava Halevi, Milli Mass

Translation: Marganit W.

Justice Shlomo Katz’s court


Bahaa Abed Al-Majid Jabrin, ID 937290146

Defense: Walid Zahalka

Charge: Drug abuse

The defendant was released in a previous hearing: 4 counts were expunged from the charge sheet and one remained. The attorney says that he has been trying to obtain the records of the hearings since February, but to no avail. The prosecutor says she will look into the matter.

The next hearing is set for 5.10.11.


Samer Aziz Muhammad Al Masri,  ID 850088717, Case No. 2984/11

The defendant is a 24-year old engineering student from Tarkumia. He has been detained for 6 weeks.

Defense: Ilya Teodory

Charge: Membership and activity in an unlawful association.

The court approves a plea bargain. While a member in the organization the defendant took part in a students rally and was a member of a student council (Al Kutla al-Islamiya). He has no prior convictions and he accepted the charges, saving the court’s time.

Sentence: 10 months in jail and 5 month probation, plus 3000 shekels fine or 3 months in jail.


Imad Ziad Ibrahim Jabara,ID 946900545  - Case No. 3328/11

Defense: Ilya Teodory

Charge: Attacking a soldier

The court approves a plea bargain. The defendant is charged with an attempted attack on a soldier at the Cave of the Patriarchs on 1.2.11. A body search yielded a 15 cm long knife, which he intended to use on a soldier. The defendant voluntarily surrendered the knife (an exact quote) following the search.

Sentence: 24 months jail time, 10-month probation for 2 years, plus 2000 shekels fine or 2 months in jail.


Alaa Anis Abdallah Jaffry, ID93838844633 – Case No. 2890/11

Defense:  Ilya Teodory

Charge: membership and activity

The court approves a plea bargain. In 2009 the defendant was a member of Kutla al-Islamiya, and in 2007 he attended a party organized by Hamas.

Sentence: 6-month jail time, 6-month probation for 2 years plus 5000 shekels fine or 5 months in jail.


Muhammad Ahmad Hassan Abid,ID 85882152– Case No. 1773/11

Defense: Ilya Teodory

Charge: Membership and activity.

The defendant addresses the court saying that if he gets an 11-months sentence, he will miss the semester that begins in January. He studies engineering. The judge tells him not to worry: he will get an “administrative abridgement”.

The court approves a plea bargain. The defendant was a member of the students’ organization (Kutla) at Bir-Zait University. The judge will consider a suspended sentence because it is his impression that he will not see the defendant in court again.

Sentence: 11 months jail time, 4 months probation plus 6000 shekels fine or 6 months in jail.


Abed Al Kader Muhammad Halil Abed,ID 948200233– Case No. 3616/11

Prosecutor: Atty. Oren Biton from Etgar Unit (Lahav 433). The investigator (whose name we did not catch) is also from that unit.

Charge: Damage to property (theft of 25 vehicular motors).

The defendant is about 60 years old. The prosecutor moves to combine all 25 theft charges to shorten the procedure. The response to the charge should be given within 30 days. The defendant’s family brought him his glasses (he cannot see without them) but the guards refused to give it to him. The judge said he had no authority in the matter and the glasses were returned to the family.


Ahmed Saed Salah Almadhun,ID 949270862– Case No. 3848/11

Defense: Daniela Kadari

Charge: Membership and activity

The defense requested a postponement. A reminder hearing was set for 7.9.11.