Bethlehem (300), Etzion DCL, Sun 6.10.13, Morning

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Sylvia P. Hannah A. Gony Z. Ronit D. (Reporting), Naomi Gal translating

Bethlehem Checkpoint 
6:50 - We arrive at the Israeli side of the checkpoint. It’s quite full inside the waiting hall, but five windows are operating and the passage flows. 
7:00 – the pressure in the hall subsided. Everything flows. 
7:10 – Y. the kidney-transplanted boy arrives with his mother who says he is feeling well. 
7:15 - One of the men is detained and his permit taken. He is required to wait. Hannah gives him phone numbers so that we can help him later on to remove the prevention that was probably imposed on him, but after a few minutes the permit is returned to him and the man says goodbye and crosses over. 
7:25 - fairly empty. Some of the windows are closed. A man turns to us and gives us documents for his son, who needs help with removing prevention. 
7:30 - only one window is left open, so a line forms, but passage flows smoothly with no hitch or delays. We leave. We meet Sylvia at the parking-lot and continue to Etzion DCO. 
A stop on the way to meet with Jamila and purchase some of the excellent oil and olives she prepares.

8:10 - Etzion DCL people are already waiting. Some have scheduled ahead of time with Sylvia and are waiting for us. As usual we fill for them the forms for prevention removal and they go inside to deliver the applications. They also sign powers of attorney for Sylvia who later makes sure that the applications are indeed being transferred and taken care of and later on follows the outcomes. Today there aren’t many people. The applications were not taken from some of them and we are still trying to find out the cause.

9:30 - we left.