Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Mon 7.10.13, Morning

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Galit, Hagit B.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?


Palestinian time is already set as standard (winter) time. We set out at seven- there the time was six. At the Metar CP all the workers were already outside the CP but there is a problem with their rides.... apparently the people have learned that the tax authorities are looking for the owners of Transits, and they have not arrived. (This is a well-known custom of the broadcasting authority and those in charge of  Added-value-tax.- coming to the CP  to detain drivers) On our way back there was not a single worker at the CP, so we suppose they arranged things.


Road 60

At Mitzpeh Ishtemoa two concrete buildings are being constructed, and the hut near the main road is now protected and has a roof. That is what happens in the illegal settlements. They do not demolish buildings of any kind unless there is a document confirming the order.


Beth Haggai CP - Two soldiers without helmets are standing near the hut -- when we go by they do not stop our car.

Between the Beth Haggai junction and the Sheep Junction, there is a police car that accompanies those who are repairing roads (near Mount Manoach).


Sheep Junction - The soldiers came down from the pillbox and set up a CP. They are examining the cars that enter Hebron. When we asked them why they inspect cars on the way to Hebron, one of the soldiers answers saying that "we are strengthening the roads now and we have instructions to inspect and see whether there are people who  are coming into Hebron for no special reason - and those who come to work there or to study, who we allow to enter."

Between the Sheep Junction and the junction where Road 60 crosses Road 356.two water pipes have burst (those of the Palestinians). It doesn't look as if this happened by change and they still have not come to repair them.



On the door of the building in the Makhpela Tomb we saw signs saying 'We Continue the Salvation of the Land', etc. A neighbor from a nearby house who was very frightened approached us. and after a short conversation calmed down. He received our telephone number. He told us that he has a camerainfo-icon from 'B'tselem' and every day colonists come and harass the Palestinian residents next door. Our friend the school super, Al Ibrahimia is afraid of what will happen if people  come to live in the building. He is angry at what the Prime Minister said, and raises his eyes to the heavens, saying: "Everything is in the hands of Allah and what can you do after all!"

The principal of the girls school, El Phahya called yesterday and asked us to come to visit. She and the teachers are very worried. We gave them both the information that we received from Hagit of 'Peace Now.' The teachers tell us that when there are (Jewish) holidays, the colonists' children make a lot of trouble for the girls who do go to school. We promised them that during Hannukkah when the Jewish children have no school, we will come to watch over the girls.