Makkabim (Beit Sira), Thu 7.11.13, Morning

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.Nurit F, Pnina S, Shelly B and Yifat S




Translation Shelly K.


(Photo) The long line continues inside and outside the checkpoint (view from the entrance)


05:05 – 06:45

We arrived about five minutes after the opening of the checkpoint and already saw that some workers managed to exit. But at the entrance, the line was long; about 100 people were waiting to pass through. Two inspection points were operating.  Those who were waiting complained mostly about the wait, and that most of them were delayed and their permits were taken from them for inspection. In their opinion, the delay is unnecessary because they are nevertheless required to present their permits again and go through biometric inspection  their (fingerprint). We heard from the workers about the long road they travel from their homes to workplaces – from Netanya to Beersheva.  It takes them 4 hours to get to work, and an hour and a

half to come back since there is no inspection upon return.


An additional complaint is about crossing Road 443: Many of the people live on the south side of the fence and have to run across Road 443 in order to get to the checkpoint. Road 443 is a highway with three lanes in each direction and it is very dangerous to cross it. Also, many times, guards are just waiting for them to cross in order to fine them NIS 250 for crossing. There is no other way to cross this road. There is no designated pedestrian crossing. We gave some of the people the telephone numbers of “Kav l’oved” as well as those of Sylvia and Haya. We estimate that over 1,000 workers passed through when we were there.