'Anin, Tura-Shaked, Wed 13.11.13, Morning

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Hanah and Yocheved (reporting)


Translation: Yael Bassis-Student


06:00 A'aneen checkpoint

The gate is open. Inspection takes place down the hill in the center of the checkpoint. We see those coming out as they go olive-picking. According to them all is "OK". Following pedestrians the tractors come out. Lucky those who had obtain Olive picking permit.

One of those going through complains that his wife can only join him if she crosses from the Barta'a-Rihan checkpoint, because her ID indicates that she was born in Jerusalem. The olive grove is near A'aneen and the Barta'a checkpoint is far away. How can she come and work with him? The Lord of the Checkpoints might have the answer. He had placed a request for two times already but to no avail. He plans to try once more, using the address of a Human Rights organization that we had given him. Insha'alla, this might work out for next year's olive picking season.


07:10– Tura-Shaked checkpoint

 The gate is not open yet. Soldiers arrive and inspection begins. Although two lines were formed, inspection takes place in one lane only.


Again, only the Lord of the Checkpoints has the answer.

The children's transportation van arrives and the kids jump down and go through without inspection , waiting for the van on the other side.

Occupation and its injustice continues with no interruptions.