Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension, Minors

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)



Translation: Diana Rubanenko

Russian Compound

Judge: Col. Dahan

Police investigators: Shoshani, Hafif, Yitzhak Weizmann, and an investigator who declined to give his name

Defence Attorney: Maamoun Hashim 

There were four cases in the docket: 

Balal Abed Ouda Alla Bel – ID 946905924

Ali Muhammad Ibrahim Alian – ID 859829426

Muhammad Gazi Salame – ID 852275486

Kamel Salim Suleiman Suarka – ID 904086634

 There was no interpreter in the court today, and no stenographer. Justice Dahan assumed both those roles; he keyboarded and also translated the proceedings in a detailed way to the detainee.

 It was the same court as always, the “actors” were the same (investigators, defence attorneys, detaineesinfo-icon…), but there was a difference: the approach of Justice Dahan. He treated the detainees like human beings, entitled to correct and detailed explanations and updates. He related straightforwardly and respectfully to all parties.

 When we reached the court, the discussions regarding the first  detainee, who was in civilian clothes, were underway.

 His remand was extended for another 48 hours. The judge also ordered that the evidentiary material be photocopied and given to the defence attorney by the following day, so that he could present his arguments on 26.10.11. He also advised Attorney Hashim to be prepared for a hearing at Ofer concerning an alternative to detention, the sum of money to be deposited, where the detainee would be, and where he works. 

On the other hand, the judge told the investigator that there are no grounds for the detention if the only reason is transferring the case to the prosecution.


Balal Abed Ouda Alla Bel – ID 946905924

Justice Dahan explained to the detainee what is happening in court – in Arabic, since that is the detainee’s language.

The parties reached agreement: the case will be transferred to the prosecution on 27.10.11.


Muhammad Gazi Salame – ID 852275486

Police Investigator: Yizchak Weizmann

Before the proceedings began, Justice Dahan explained to us that the case is about a minor, and said that he would decide to allow our presence in court only if the minor was interested in it. The minor is accused of throwing stones. The investigator accompanying him refused to disclose his name. Not even for sake of public of holding a public hearing. He explained to us that since he is investigating a minor, there’s no need to give his name… 

The minor was not interested in our presence.


Kamel Salim Suleiman Suarka – ID 904086634

Police Investigator: Yitzhak Weizmann. 

Charge: murder of a policeman in 2009. 

The detainee has been interrogated by the police and the GSS for 37 days and has still not confessed. Investigator Weizmann says that the investigation is proceeding according to a plan which includes cross-linking of information in order to reach the truth. 

The detainee is a Bedouin farmer who owns 100 dunams of land. 

I do not describe the riveting hearing in detail, because I’m not sure about all the details, and prefer not to report inaccurately. 

The judge’s interim decision ordered the police to perform a certain examination (that the defence attorney is barred from hearing about, and we too - of course) until the afternoon of the following day. 

He will read the thick investigation file and the minutes of the previous remand extensions (this is the fourth) and then, after receiving all the results of the examination he requested, will give his final decision.