Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya

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Raya, Nina B. (new member), Hagit S. (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.



At Tarqumiyya crossing we’re told it was terribly congested here Monday and that one man broke his arm because of the crowding.  We obtain the phone number of his boss, a resident of Tarqumiyya – they’re working in Ramat Hovav – and spoke with him.  He said “the situation here can’t go on like this; it’s a real catastrophe.  People wait two hours every morning to cross and people are no longer willing to come here.  It’s the most inhuman crossing.”

He’s willing to report on it.  His phone number is 050-234 9794/5; his name is T’nina Hussein.

Does someone have any creative idea for dealing with this?

We already spoke to the checkpoint manager a few times, with no results.


Highway 35

Highway 35 is pretty empty (perhaps because of the shortage of gasoline that Israel held back from the Palestinian Authority?).



Many tourists from the US and elsewhere at ‘Abed’s shop.

People go through the Tarpa”t checkpoint without delays; there’s a sole Giv’ati soldier at Tel Rumeida.  We visited Azzam; they’re not optimistic about the situation and the peace talks. They don’t trust the leaders of either side…


We ran into Ofer Ohana briefly.  He said, joking and smug, “You pay taxes and we benefit.”