'Anabta, 'Azzun 'Atma, Eliyahu Crossing, Falamiya, Habla, Jit Junction , Shave Shomron

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Nina S., Rachel A., Dina A. (reporting, Translator:Judith Green


At the 'Azzun 'Atma checkpoint a lot of people are waiting in line, we are used to seeing a much shorter line at this hour; the reason for this is not  clear.

Those standing in line press upon the turnstile every once in a while, so that it can't turn, so every time there is a short halt in the progress of the line.  There is terrible crowding in the line, luckily there are no children here or handicapped people.  At a certain point, the soldiers come into the line and organize things, so the situation is better.


By our observations, it would take a worker at least half an hour to get through the checkpoint to work.


06:05  'Azzun 'Atma

There are a few people outside and a lot of vehicles waiting for workers.  A very long line, at least 100 people.  An Israeli employer waiting for workers tells us that there was a lot of pressure yesterday and the workers started shoving, so the soldiers threw a smoke grenade to scatter them;  one man was injured and an ambulance took him to hospital.  According to the workers, the gate from Beit Amin at the entrance of the village from the west bank is manned, but only people with permits for work in Israel can go through, or those who live in 'Azzun 'Atma.


The line occasionally presses on the turnstile which then cannot turn;  the soldiers become anxious and start arguing, every once in a while it is stuck.  By our computation, 17 people went through in 5 minutes.  The schoolchildren couldn't go to school yesterday because of the confusion and the smoke grenade, according to the EAPPI observers.  They also said that the soldiers were very nervous yesterday because of the shouting and pushing in the line, and the injured man, etc.


A Jewish employer arrives and looks for his workers, and asks the soldiers where Abu Ahmed is, as though they could know who is in line and who already went through! ...A Palestinian asked us to help him pass through the line, because he has a doctor's letter saying it is forbidden for him to stand for a long period as he just had a kidney operation.  We tried to take the letter to the checkpoint commander, but he waved us away, "I don't talk to you at all and I don't have time" - not clear what his responsibility is;  as a commander, he is supposed to solve problems.  We called the DCO, they wanted to help, but meanwhile the man became discouraged and disappeared in the line.


06:50 a soldier is still controlling the functioning of the line.  The line is still long - about 70 people, but at least there is no pushing and no halting of the process.


06:55  Six girls, dressed in school uniforms arrive and go through the gate to school.


07:15  Habla checkpoint

The gate is open since 07:00, according to those passing through. Six wagons go through, with mules and young passengers.  A lot of people wait in line;  also here there are arguments about the order.  There is crowding, but passage is swift.  More wagons arrive - really a scene which we are not used to.  More and more youths with bicycles;  the adults seem to have started to bring their wagons so that they will also be "motorized".  Also, more cars than usual come, bringing plants to the nurseries.  The climax was when a camel arrived and went through - not clear for what purpose!  07:45 the line started to decrease.


Eliyahu Gate

There are few vehicles in the inspection area and no one waiting in the pedestrian line.


08:30  Falamya Gate

Also here there was a mule-drawn wagon and another rider from Jayyus on a mule - mule day today!  A couple arrived in a taxi (apparently from Jayyus, since the gate there is closed at this hour, so they have to come here and then get on a tractor going north to their fields).  A horse and rider also go through the checkpoint.  The gate is closed and anyone who arrives has to open it and close it behind him.


The J'it junction on highway #60:  soldiers and a military vehicle stand at the lookout next to the pillbox.


09:30  Shavei Shomron checkpoint

The gate is open, no soldiers


09:40  'Anabta checkpoint - open, not manned.


09:50 – the checkpoint between Shufa and Izba Shufa is open