Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Habla, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Yehudit Levin (Photos, Reporting), Translation Dvora K.

There is continued momentum of construction in the colonies, New houses or caravans are seen daily.

At the top of the mountain above the village of Burin you can see an outpost of the colony of Bracha (?) becoming a concrete reality (pic. 1).

For the Palestinians, Thursday is like Friday is for us - there is lively traffic: they are returning home after a week of work or studies. There is also a lot of military traffic.


1330 Havla CP - The big gate is closed. The gate at the side is open. There is no heavy traffic of people going back and forth.


1420 Havvara CP - the instpection posts are not manned.


1422, Avarta CP - As always, the yellow iron bolt closes the CP. There is no passage to the south. Near the DCO, there are soldiers in tents.


1425 Beth Fureiq CP - It is not manned. A driver of a minibus tells us that from time to time the CP  suddenly opens.


1428 Beth Jan CP - It is not manned, A minibus driver who takes passengers from Nablus to Beth Jan tells us that two days ago a vehicle of colonists rode toward him. The driver put his hand out of the window - The taxi driver thought that he was in some trouble and slowed down. The colonist threw a stone at him. We have no way of verifying the matter. Who'll believe a Palestinian?  


1540 Za'atara CP - The inspection posts are not manned. Just beyond the turn to the Village of Brookwin, on Road 5, a vehicle with a Palestinian licence plate is standing at the side with lights flickering. On the other side of the main road, there is a military vehicle.

The Palestinian driver probably made a mistake -- Road 5 from the industrial zone of Ariel in the direction of Israel is known as an apartheid road - but it has no sign to say so. It is not clear how the Palestinian driver will get out of this.


1545 Azun Atma CP - from time to time there is a vehicle of the colonists, from which workers from Azun Atma emerge on their way home after inspection at the CP (pic. 2). For about a month there has been no passage through this CP of workers who are not from the village. The CP is manned in the north of the village and now only allows owners of lands (for example residents of Beth Amin) to go through.