Ofer - Remand Extension, Interrogation of Witness

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Norah Orlow (reporting), Ada B.

Translation: Marganit W.

Morning and Afternoon

Today, again, we had to wait in bitter cold and pouring rain until we were let in, frisked and allowed to attend the hearings. As usual, the soldier on duty explained that the Palestinian families have priority over visitors, knowing that we would accept such explanation with understanding; but surely the system can find an efficient way to let in the Palestinians and at the same time allow us to enter the court in time to hear the trials. Apparently, the military justice system is not eager to maintain the public’s right to attend trials: it complies only because it has to, and then heaps unimaginable obstacles on anyone who insists on exercising this right to be present at the hearings.


Courtroom 7: remand extensions

Judge: Captain Oren Boaz (ret.)

Police Investigator: Yehuda Ben Kisos

Defense: Atty. Nery Ramati

Suspect: Samih Jad Hatib, ID 859218000 – Case 73138/12,

a minor, 16.5 years old from Bil’in.

Samih was arrested four days earlier (on 15.2.12), charged with throwing rocks at the separation wall in Bil’in. With him were 2 other minors who were later released on bail.

The investigator requested remand extension for a few days to complete the investigation. The defense objected, asking instead to release the suspect, like the other minors. The attorney stated that his client had been detained - shackled - by the army for 16 hours before he was brought to the police station for interrogation, which is against the law.

The judge began to explain his reasons for releasing the suspect, when the investigator drew his attention to the fact that Samih has a suspended sentence for the same violation, whereupon the judge changed his decision acceding to the interrogator and extending the remand by two days.

On 21.2.12 there was another hearing in Samih Hatib’s case, when Justice Sharon Kenan ordered Samih detained until the conclusion of the proceedings.

The defense will appeal and the hearing is set for 26.2.12 PM.


Court 2

Judge: Major Etty Adar

Prosecutor: Captain Michael Avitan

Defense: Atty. Labib Habib

Accused: Bassam Muhammad Abed Rahman Tamimi, ID 959225640 – Case 2058/11 from Nabi Saleh.

Bassem Tamimi has been detained for 11 months now (since 24.3.11). Today he testified for the defense. His testimony drew even more visitors than usual (22): diplomats, journalist, representatives of human rights organizations and us. The hearing began in the morning and lasted until after lunch. In his testimony Tamimi rejected all the charges against him and reiterated that he does not recognize the laws of the authorities of the occupation and the Israeli army. He explained at length the reasons for the protest of Nabi Saleh residents, told of the theft of the village land by nearby Halamish settlement and how the army backs the settlers and uses violence against the villagers of Nabi Saleh.

For details of Bassam Tamimi’s testimony see press release by The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee.

The next Evidentiary Hearing was set for Sunday, 26.2.12 (but did not take place and was postponed to 4.3.12).