Makkabim (Beit Sira)

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Sheli B., Yifat S. Translator: Charles K.





 The Palestinians asked us to come on Sunday; the lines are much longer than on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Today the line reached to the beginning of the fence concealing the checkpoint from travelers on Highway 443.  By 06:30 the line had shortened and was its “normal” mid-week length; it began at the first revolving gate.


Two inspection stations are working; the line usually advances fairly quickly.  It stops every few minutes until those randomly chosen to have their IDs inspected have been checked.


It’s very cold at the checkpoint, and everyone must remove coats, scarves and hats.


There are few women crossing (today there were five).  Although they’re not wearing coats, only light sweaters over traditional dresses (what can you hide under a thin sweater?), they must remove them for inspection.


As usual, people asked us to come daily because the line moves more quickly when we’re here.


We gave some people a card with Sylvia’s phone number.