'Azzun 'Atma, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Jit Junction

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Shosh Bernstein, Petahya (reporting) Translator: Charles K.


15:45  Huwwara

Ladies and gentlemen, the intifada is back.  A Palestinian threw a rock from a passing taxi at a settler.  Here’s the story:

When we reached Huwwara we were surprised to see so many military vehicles jamming the town’s main street.  A soldier stood at the entrance to the old parking lot with weapon drawn and about six soldiers stood about one hundred meters from the checkpoint.  We got out of the car and walked toward the checkpoint.  We were met by four soldiers who asked how they could help us.  We asked what was going on; the soldiers said a rock had been thrown at an Israeli standing at the plaza, from a taxi that drove on toward Nablus.  We asked whether the settler had been hurt.  They said they didn’t know, that they were sent here immediately after the incident.  The soldiers stopped every taxi entering Nablus and sent it to the old parking lot on the Nablus side; we could see them in the distance.


The soldiers came over to us again to chase us away even though we stood about 200 meters from the checkpoint.  We objected, of course; they then asked to see a document issued by the army authorizing us to be here.  We telephoned the DCO, told them what was happening and noted the soldiers had abandoned the sacred task for which they’d been brought here to pick on us.  To my surprise, when the soldiers heard me they returned to their positions.


Meanwhile two Hummers and military police arrived, asked the soldiers where the taxis are.  The soldiers pointed to them.  Since the taxis were in Palestinian territory we weren’t able to see what was going on so we decided to detour through the Beit Furiq checkpoint.  We entered Palestinian territory and exited through the Huwwara checkpoint.  We saw about 50 soldiers and seven Palestinian taxis whose passengers had to get out.  There was also a DCO jeep.  We couldn’t come near, of course.


We continued to Za’tara.  The checkpoint was manned; there were dogs on site but no inspections.


17:10  Three soldiers stood at the hitchhiking station near Ariel; there were military vehicles all along the road.  Three Hummers were parked in the olive grove at the entrance to Hars, soldiers standing alongside.


17:25  Azzun Atma.  Few laborers, no congestion


13:45  Habla.  The gate closes at 14:00


15:14  A Hummer was parked next to the gate at the entrance to Habla, soldiers alongside.