Nabi Ilyas

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Brenda, Rachel A. (reporting), Translator: Yael Bassis(Student)

Nebi Elias



We arrived early and the place was still closed. After a short while the first pupil arrived with the keys  and soon the rest of the group , four girls and one boy,  joined in. The children are eager to learn and the atmosphere is pleasant.


10:00  Class begins and Brenda presents today's New York Times with the fresh news. Since not all the students are on the same those who know more explain to the others in Arabic. Later Brenda moves to teaching pronouns and dealing with their "American" accent.

At this stage I go out and play with the children that are hanging around out outside. I have a ball that I've brought along. They are a group of 8-10 sweet enthusiastic children.



11:20  We left