Jerusalem, Mon, 13.2.12, Morning

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Roni Hammermann,Tova Szeintuch (reporting)


Translation: Diana Rubanenko


Russian Compound


Judge: Major Azriel Levy

Police Investigator: (the same as last week)

Defence Attorneys: Attorney Ma’amoun Hashim, Attorney Fadi Qawasmi


Today there were 7 cases in the docket, 3 of detaineesinfo-icon barred from meeting an attorney. They are from the Hebron area.

We were present at the hearings of 4 cases.

The three cases of barred detainees were scheduled for the beginning of the proceedings. In all three, the defence attorneys presented their questions, and only then were the detainees brought in for a separate hearing, without the presence of the defence counsel.


Judge Levy told the investigator that when a remand extension request concerns a barred detainee, he is less inclined to agree to long extensions. Barring access to a lawyer is not a natural form of investigation, he commented. "I cannot intervene in the barring, but I can not provide incentives for it".

It seemed that he considered this a sort of pressure on the investigation staff not to make excessive use of long-term barring of access.


Nasser Fathi Fahry al Halil, barreded from meeting an attorney - ID 852726314


The defence attorney: Adv. Fadi Qawasmi.

The police investigator sought another 15 days for questioning. This is the second remand extension.

The charges: activities against the region's security, placing explosive material, stone-throwing.

The defence attorney requested prece definitions of the suspicions against the suspect- beyond the phrase "activities against the region's security".

The investigator, as usual, replied to most of the questions asked by the defence - "it's all in the investigation file, confidential information..."

The defence counsel persisted: "Why can't you answer my question if there has been a development in the investigation?" - The judge: "What will you learn from this question?"

Attorney Qawasmi replied that it's very important for him that his questions are noted in the court minutes, even though the familiar answer is "confidential".

Both sides agreed. The investigator asked for an extension, and the defence counsel asked the court to ensure that the time of investigation is used properly and quickly.


The investigator demanded to conduct the proceedings involving the detainees in camerainfo-icon. The judge did not accede to this request, and even spared us the ritual of submitting the recommendation in the preliminary injunction document of the Supreme Court. The judge said that if he would see fit to remove us, in light of developments in questioning the detainee, he would act accordingly.

We stayed for the rest of the proceedings.


Judge Levy gave the detainee the name of his attorney and the number of days that the investigator had requested. He asked him how he felt, and whether he had anything to say. The detainee said that thank God he was fine, and that he had nothing to say.

Defence attorney Ma’amoun stated that this would be the third remand extension.

The confidential hearing ended, and the judge decided to extend the remand by another 8 days.


Azmi Muhammad Azmi Khalil - ID 853964336

Defence counsel: Ma’amoun Hashim


The detainee was arrested on 21.1.12. The police investigator requested 15 more days. The detainee has been barred from meeting a lawyer since his arrest.

The investigator requested that the judge note in the minutes his request that Roni and I leave the room during the hearing with the detainee.

In the case of this detainee, the investigator found it necessary to show the judge why it was so important for us not to be there.

The judge asked the detainee if he had anything to say and he replied: "I was told that the investigation is over and that I could leave (the Russian Compound for another detention centre), I'm now I’m being questioned again... "

We were present in this 'confidential' part of the hearing ...


The questions were very similar to those of the previous defence counsel. The charges against the detainee were the same as those against the previous detainee.

Mamoun Hashim inquired about the suspicions against his client - that he participated in riots between the detainees and local settlers.

The investigator replied that he didn’t know what he was talking about and added: "We investigate everything."

Hashim asked if a (terrorist) group had been organized. The answer was - no.

This detainee is suspected of possession of combat materiel, although there is no report that weapons were seized.

Summing up, Hashim argues that this is the suspect's third remand extension.

The judge’s decision: a further 8 days.


Nadim Aziz Khalil Rassem - ID 853993574

Arrested on 8.2.12. The charges against him are the same as those against the previous detainees. The detainee was born in 1992.

At the end of the hearing, the judge decided on another 11 days for the purpose of investigation.