Ofer - Stone Throwing, Sentence

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Ada Bilu, Norah Orlow (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.



We attended the summation and sentencing hearing in the case of

Bassem Tamimi,ID959225640– Case No.2058/11, the Nebi Saleh resident whose trial we have been following throughout the year

(See earlier reports of the case).


A week earlier (20.5.12), we were at Ofer when the verdict was handed down

(See report by the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee)

Bassem was accompanied by his wife (he was released a month ago under restricted conditions because of the failing health of his elderly mother). Today he waited two hours to enter the court (upper picture). Beyond the fence (picture below) that separates Palestinians from the occupied territories from visitors from Israel, waited diplomats, journalists, photographers, representatives of human rights organizations and anti-occupation activists, all those who have followed this case from the start with keen interest and persistence.


Justice Major Etty Adar delivered the sentence:

30 months imprisonment, 13 of which Tamimi already served, plus 17 month suspended sentence for a duration of 5 years “if the defendant engages in sedition, incitement, aiding and abetting, or any violation involving throwing rocks or disturbing the peace which goes beyond organization and participation in unauthorized demonstrations”.

In addition: 2 month suspended sentence for a duration of 2 years, if he is charged with organization and participation in an unauthorized demonstration.

Plus a 7000 shekel fine.


Thus, by imposing strict and long suspended sentences, the system seeks to neutralize activists who struggle against the occupation, the separation fence and the plunder of the land, thereby suppressing the non-violent popular struggle.

(See attached protocol (in Hebrew) and a report by the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee).